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thankful five

1. What are you most thankful for?

I am thankful for my little family, our collective mostly good health, and the freedom from want that we enjoy. Thankful my Mom is still my Mom. Thankful I don’t live in a war zone. Thankful for beautiful days like today and the ones in between, too. Thankful for clean water. Thankful for butter, chocolate, and indoor plumbing.

2. Think back one year, have the things you are thankful for changed?

My situation has changed, but the things I am thankful for are the same. Last night, looking at pictures taken about a year ago (I am trying to put together a photo album for my niece), I was stricken by melancholy. I see the pictures and I know what I was feeling then and I hurt for my old self. By next year, when I look back I hope to see something very different. Hope and the beginning of a new life, not a dead end.

3. What did you feast on yesterday?

Roast turkey with mashed potatoes and gravy, homemade stuffing with sausage, cranberry sauce, succotash, green beans, biscuits with butter and raspberry creamed honey, pumpkin pie. High traditional all the way. My daughter, Criminy, age 11, baked five pies on her own. She even made the crust for two of them.

4. This time of year is filled with parties, gifts, friends, and family, what are you looking forward to the most?

Getting my writing assignment done by Monday. Sorry, the holidays aren’t really my thing. (Too much to fret over.) But if and when I get my assignment in, I’ll have money for a tree and presents.

5. (insert December holiday here) is coming up, what if anything do you want for it?

What I want won’t fit under a Christmas tree. Viz., security, peace of mind, a new place to live. But if a wonderful man comes down my chimney, I’m keeping him.

*BONUS: How do you like to cook your turkey?

I’m sold on the high-heat method.



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